Welcome to The Maltese Puppies

​We are so glad you have come to take a look at our Fur Babies. We are a small family of animal lovers, who consider our pets as members of our family. We truly love our animals, and breed for health, temperament, and beauty. We have raised Maltese for seventeen years. We decided to hand raise our puppies in order to share the sheer joy and excitement our pets have brought us, with other families.  

Maltese are wonderful companion pets. They are very loyal and loving. The Maltese breed is hypoallergenic, since they have a coat that is more similar to human hair than animal fur, so they do not produce pet dander.

Our Maltese live in our home with us twenty four seven. They are not caged. They have full run of the house and are very well behaved. Our puppies are raised with unconditional love and companionship. Our puppies have the best temperaments you could ask for in a pet.

We feed our puppies a high quality, high protein diet and they only drink filtered water. We train our puppies with consistency and positive reenforcement. They get along well with people, other dogs, and cats.

If you are interested in adopting one of our Precious Fur Babies, please send us an email, telling us about the home you would provide for them. Our primary goal is the health and happiness of our puppies and their new families.

We are excited to announce the birth of our 2015 puppies, four beautiful babies, one little girl and three little boys. They were born on March 25, 2015, and will be ready to go to their forever homes after June 3, 2015, when they will be ten weeks old. Please enjoy your visit to our available puppies page.

World's Sweetest Maltese Puppies